About davidpapa.live

(spoiler: it's a website.)

This is about Love, pain, happiness, God, power, healing, integration, change, being, doing, not doing, Tao, human divinity, but mostly Love. Because that is our true nature. That is what transforms. That is what we are really looking for! It is sitting here inside us right now. This website is a story of finding it. It's an invitation for you to join the story with your own. 

No one knows what we will create here. It is a process unfolding. It is a piece of Life expressing. It is the culmination of David's many-year spiritual journey in seeking what is really going on Earth, how to flow with Life, and how to be Happy. It is tools, processes, techniques, suggestions and a whole load of questions about what the hell is happening and how to deal with it so we can fall in love with our lives.  

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About David

( spoiler: it's a human being)

about david

I share a lot in my posts so writing extra about myself here feels unnecessary. If you want to know something, you can ask me anything. For now I will let other people say what I am about: 

"David is a control freak in the kitchen and living with him has shown me how well-adjusted I actually am." - David's Girlfriend

"David is a master in understanding emotions and how to release them in order to lead a more authentic and illuminated life. He is an incredible support and guide to help others gain clarity and get deeper in touch with their inner truth." - Kathleen R.

"David was an asshole to me when we were kids." - David's Brother.

"David is a spiritual joy guide who is passionate about connecting people to the best version of themselves." - Gretchen D.

"David is someone we thought would grow up to be a crooked lawyer." 
- David's Grandmother

"David is one of these exceptional human beings who thinks with his heart."
- Erhard R.

"David is an emotional genius and saved my life." - Chris H.

"David is a rare speaker, I saw David keep an audience of entrepreneurs engaged so much they didn’t want to let him go." - Nadia K.

"David is extremely smart in what he does." - Tomas C. 

"What does David actually do anyway? I'm pretty sure he is doing the drugs."
- David's Dad

Ask David

(You can ask me anything. I'm often asked about how people can work with me, healing processes, plant medicine, relationships, love, pain, expressing truth, the Higher Self, or why the hell I choose to be vegan. You can ask me how to deal with a particular issue. I might do a channeled journaling for you. I might write a post inspired by you. So you might want to subscribe to see what happens.)