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"I'm Grieving, How Can I Find Motivation Again?"

As part of my deepening emotional healing path, I started to become much more sensitive to all the energy running in and through my body. This can happen to you as well.

One day while journaling that sensitivity translated into feeling messages from my Guides, that came through as words on paper. I explored this more and have been doing channeled writings for a few years with my guides' help.

Anyone can do this. It just takes intention, openness, and practice.

The information that comes through always surprises me, is always interesting, and raises me into a state of feeling supported and loved. It doesn't matter where it comes from. The question is, is it useful? Does it help? Does it bring more love? Then experiment with it and see where it gets you.

I was once asked to do a channeled journaling for a friend, Ana. I’ve written below what came out.

Ana’s Question: “I’m in a grieving process, my energy is low. How can I motivate myself again?”

Here begins the channeled journal. During this process, I ask questions and receive answers from my Guides. The questions I ask are in bold. The answers are in italics.

Guides! Are you able to help me and Ana with this question?

Yes! Good day!!

Here is her question: I’m in a grieving process, my energy is low. How can I motivate myself again?

Dear One,

Your motivation is just a product of how connected you are with the stream of loving energy moving through your heart. Many of us think we need to be disciplined, or somehow use willpower to get motivation, this is not necessary. You have all the energy you ever need coming through you in every moment.

It is from the Universe, it is your higher self just pouring energy into you and through you, more then you could ever need for living the fullest expression of your most beautiful life.

Then why is it blocked? What stops it? Your own beliefs and unprocessed emotions.

Every emotion you do not let through you is a part of your energy stream you are blocking. Every belief about yourself that is not in line with the Divine Essence that you really are is blocking that energy from coming into your life.

Finding the purest form of your motivation is not about forcing more energy or adding things to your life to give you more energy. It is about removing. It is about removing the beliefs that stop you from believing in your perfection in this moment. It is about the beliefs that stop you from living in this moment and feeling what is here in this moment fully.

What are you letting yourself feel in this grieving process? Are you letting yourself go to the bottom of your grief? Are you letting yourself swear at the injustice of the world, curse at God, at your family, and at life if you feel this? Are you letting yourself hate those around you and feel deep anger to everyone who doesn’t understand or tries to fix you in this moment? Do you let yourself feel all these things? Letting yourself feel these things does not hurt anyone. Letting yourself feel these things does not hurt your life or weaken you. In fact, the exact opposite is true.

When you let yourself get big enough to feel these emotions fully, you see that they are energy moving through you and they are part of you. You don’t need to take action on them. You don’t need to believe all the thoughts they have. You don’t even need to change them, and you certainly don’t need to fix them. You need to feel them all the way down.

Each item you are not feeling is an energy block, and it is exhausting to hold these blocks in our field.

Perhaps you are trying to “get better and “feel better” about everything that has happened to you. That is exhausting.

You will feel 100% better on the other side of your darkest emotions.

Be willing to sit with them and greet them like long-lost parts of you. Because that’s what they are. They are long-lost parts of you that need your help. They are crying for your help. You give your help to them the way God gives help to you. By being completely unconditionally loving with them, no need for them to be any different, no need for them to change. Just be there with them. Hold them in love. Feel them and see them completely fully for everything they are going through inside you. And then you will see that they transform on their own, because they are seeking freedom and in this practice you are providing this. This allows the energy to move through you, this returns your life force.

All feelings are part of being alive. All feelings are energy moving. Can you allow every single one of them fully?

Thank You. Is there anything else you can give us to help us do this?

Yes. Make this a practice.

Make it a practice to feel your emotions all the way down. Find them in your body and breath with them all the way. They will show you visions that may shock you. They will speak words that may shock you. This is all okay, you can just sit and breath and welcome them all. Welcome all the expressions in feeling and words and pain from this part of you. Love it like a child screaming for help. Because that is what it is. Make this a daily practice.

Okay, that’s it. Thank you for reading.

I can vouch for a practice like this. I’ve done this every morning for years because I was guided to do the same. The amount of energy I have for life now is on a completely different level then ever before.

We have to go through the emotions first. The only way out is through.

I’ve seen really positive people struggle with this. They think all the horrible feelings they are having are “wrong”. This is an unloving stance toward their own feelings. This is not loving to the struggling, “shocking”, or “terrible” parts of themselves that most need their attention.

Something very different happens when we turn toward the feelings and greet them like the pieces of our hearts that they are. They transform on their own.

When you feel terrible, don’t listen to the thoughts, don’t worry about taking any external action. Just turn inside with your heart and love the feeling. Or if you can't do that love the part of you that is in pain. Surrender to it. It is crying for your attention. Give it. It will move. If you want more info and one specific process to help you with this, see my article on Emotional Surrender or check out the book, “The Heart of the Matter” by Dr. Darren Weissman.



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