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The Problem With Men, and The One Skill To Solve It

Published about 2 months ago • 3 min read

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The Problem With Men, And The One Skill To Solve It

I meet men all the time struggling with their relationships, their sex life, and their happiness.

How about you Reader?

  • I know a man with a thriving business but when it comes to the bedroom with his wife, he has problems having sex.
  • I know several men who struggle getting erections and being intimate with new partners.
  • I know a guy who seems to have only one emotion - anger, and it's messing with his family life.
  • I know men addicted to pornography, and it's effing up their attraction and sexual energy. Although they don’t know this until you suggest to them they stop using it.
  • I know a man who he is spending all his money so that women will value him. Of course, it doesn't work because he doesn't value himself.
  • I know plenty of men whose personality seems to completely change when it comes to women. They lose leadership and just get stuck in women pleasing and can't be authentic.
  • I know a guy who was being exhausted and stressed by the difficult situation his partner was going through because he didn’t know how to stand strong for her massive emotional experience.
  • I see men in seemingly good relationships yet feeling completely unseen and unappreciated by their partners. Yet unable to communicate that.

I meet more men with issues like these all the time, once you get them talking. You would hardly ever know on the surface. On the surface they are "tough", "direct", and "successful."

But I guess I get them talking because I was also each one of these men.

Everyone of these issues, in one way, or another I had to deal with myself.

I severely struggled for years with my sense of being a man. My masculinity, sexual energy, my relationships.

Every one of these issues is thankfully now in my past. My present is full of deep intimacy, confidence, and love. When the doubts or difficult emotions come, I know exactly how to handle them.

Because I have spent years mastering the one skill required to solve all of these issues for men.

ALL OF THESE ISSUES and many more that men face, are actually EMOTIONAL issues.

In almost every place on the planet men are taught to suppress, ignore, and deny emotions. This leads to an internal environment that is painful, crushed, toxic, and depressed even if the man seems fine on the outside.

This is especially true for intuitive men with a natural desire to open the power of their hearts and be a force of good in this changing world. That masterful, loving part of them gets shut down. Squashed down. With every moment they were taught to suppress emotion.

I’m not throwing a pity party for men. I’m saying all this because this emotional suppression erupts in countless maladaptive, counterproductive, and downright harmful expressions in relationships, sex, business.

It leads to a lot of unhappiness for men and also all the women and children. It leads to a lot of the violence and terrible leadership we see in the world.

Let’s help that end.

There is a skill called emotional processing. That’s the single skill that solved all these issues for me. Even physical ones.

Because it's the skill that ends emotional suppression in a healthy, healing, releasing way. It's a skill that teaches men to work with their own energy to heal and empower themselves. To get back in touch with the inner knowing of their unique value and contribution.

We need men to awaken to this skill.

You can read a step-by-step process for one version of this skill here.

The more loving, beautiful, peaceful and equitable society we want is not going to happen without the participation of powerful, loving, healthy men who know how stand in their unique masculinity for themselves and all they love.

I feel that I need to do more with this. You are the first to know.

I’d like to start a Men’s Group. For Men to:

  • Be the masculine, loving leaders in their relationships and business.
  • Own their sexual energy in the healthiest, most powerful ways.
  • Know the power of who they are in this world and the mission they are on.
  • Take action that is a match for their natural bravery and need for adventure.

This group will be men giving each other massive support to step up into their power. I will be including the emotional and esoteric teachings that are enabling me to do the same.

Men, maybe you will join me.

Women, maybe you will pass this on to men you know.

I don’t the name yet of this group yet, I don’t have any other details. I just want to express all this because I want to know right now if this sounds interesting to you or for someone you love.

If so, please raise your hand by replying to this with just two words - men's group.

When the replies come, we'll see what's next.



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