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Unlock Happiness With Me and Anya Tomorrow

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A technique for healing and joy.

Unlocking Happiness

There is a kind, compassionate, intuitive coach named Anya Pearse, who has been studying happiness for a long time.

She is doing something amazing to help you be happy in a new and bigger way.


โ€‹The Unlocking Happiness Online Summitโ€‹

It's a live event, recorded talks, a whole bunch of action on what creates happiness.

I have happiness to report I am one of the speakers.

Anya and I had a fun conversation called: "Unlocking The Real Source of Happiness."

I encourage you to watch the video of this conversation just to see Anya's reactions. Which are 5x more entertaining than anything I am saying.

Right after the talk we also recorded an exercise called "The Back of The Heart Technique".

This is an experience I do with clients, and I take Anya through it to help her touch a deep and light aspect of her Being.

You can follow along and do it as well. Practicing it is a direct line to more of your happiness.

To access these videos and all the other speakers, you need to sign up for the Unlocking Happiness Summit. โ€‹

It's Free! Why wouldn't you? Too happy being unhappy? ๐Ÿ˜



PS - Based on years of decisions and embodiment work with myself and others, I'm offering a new specific service: Decision Sessions. If you are struggling with a decision, I can help you deconstruct the real reason you can't decide, and I'll take you through exercises to feel what your intuition, heart, and higher self want you to do. You will know what you really want in one session, or you don't pay. You will also get support for taking action on it. These are key skills you will take with you into any future decision. This is the only way to work with me on a 1-off basis. It's $300 a session. Contact me if interested. โ€‹

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