Practical Spirituality for the Rest of 2019

by David Papa

If you are like me, you wanted this year to be different. 2018 was a bit of a bitch.

Time to check in. 2019 is one-third over, how has it been for you so far? 

My answer to that question: crazy. Huge shifts. Massive energy surges. Surprises and uncertainty. All calling for a huge dose of TRUST. In Life. In the Universe. In "God." Amazing. And lots of room for it to get even better. 

To navigate this uncertainty and stabilize myself, I realized a few days ago I needed to re-visit my habits.

I went to my vast resource of all messages and knowledge I receive, my journal. 

It turns out, in the beginning of the year, I sat down with a hot drink, some deep breaths, and my spirit guides, and I composed a list. A list of practical changes for my spiritual evolution in 2019. 

Ooops. I wasn't implementing it. Some of the items on the list I had tried for a while after I wrote them and then forgot. A few others I explored a little longer in my meditations. But I wasn't paying attention to it every day. 

If I have learned anything in my spiritual journey it is that daily habits are the most transformative, by far.

There is still lots of 2019 left. So I put the list on my computer with a reminder to look at it every day. That was my solution. What's yours? 

This post is a simple reproduction of most of that list. I left out what only applied to my projects. The rest can help others.  

It's not long. It's not complicated. But the few items I've worked with at length have sent me into deep inquiry and hours of meditation to understand them experientially. In just a few minutes day. 

That's one of the beauties of daily application. The understanding unfolds through experience. This understanding is so much deeper than mental understanding. The experience is what brings you back to Who You Really Are.

Practical Spiritual Advice List for 2019

Setting Myself Up For Success:

1) The Environment - Create the environment to go about the day with Joy. What do you need to set up to make joy easier? Use the environment. There is no where else you need to be and no one else you need to be.

2) The Only Action - The Only Compass you need for figuring out action is this question: "What feels like loving more right now?" In other words, where does the love energy flow through me, for me, and outward? Stand firm in this. Just feel where I can add Love. This is the whole point. 

3) The Body - Regularly build sexual energy and circulate it in your body. You don't need to ejaculate but you can once in a while.

4) The Moment - Feel the groove of the Tao in the moment from my Dantien. And my root chakra. The Point of Balance. The Harmony with the present moment. This generates effortless momentum. 

The Morning: 

1) Get up earlier. Perhaps with the sun, so you have energy in your day to write and speak. (I have been doing this regularly and it's great. The energy of the early morning is completely different from the rest of the day and quite magical. When I get started early my whole day is different and better. Just try it to see if you like it.)

The Day: 

1) Acceptance -  All day, whenever I feel a struggle or uncomfortable emotions, ask myself, "Am I willing to just let myself be, without needing to be different?" Can I let myself be okay just as I am? Acceptance. Authenticity.

2) Joy - All day, drop into the Joy my Soul is already feeling right now. Feel the “in-between” energy. That’s where the Joy is. That is where the Awareness is. 

3) Enjoy - Joy is not something you get from outside. I feel it when I connect my present experience with it. By En-joying. Enjoining joy with the experience. Drop any ideas of what it should look like and en-joy it.

4) Openness - All day, stay open to the idea that my life, all of it, can all be even so much better than I think and know. Let the universe surprise me. 

5) Pause - Go slowly. All day, take pauses for Qi Gong, and for feeling the energy around me, for feeling the in-between, and for en-joying, and for openness. Give yourself the gift of pauses to stay connected and implement your Soul's agenda. 

6) Power - All day, say "I am God. I am God." And let creation wash over me. Rest in the flow already happening. We are all One, in it together.

I know some people will be uncomfortable about that last one. I know I used to be. But what is God? Consciousness, Awareness, Unconditional Love, Creation, Life? I am that. You are that. There is no other possibility. When I remind myself this I take full responsibility for my life and reconnect with my own power. 

The Evening:

1) Gratitude - Write down what I am grateful for at the end of each day. Writing it down is more powerful than saying it, uses a different part of the brain than speaking, and allows me to see it which activates even more parts of the brain. 

That's the List.

Along with everything else I do, this is working. I'm already feeling the affects. It's changing me. Day by day. I can't wait to see what I become and what emerges around me.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have questions and I will answer them in future posts or on the podcast, No Effort Human

Love, David

25 April 2019