The 5 Lessons of Master Fu

by David Papa

Over the last few years I have developed a relationship with my spirit guides.

‚ÄčOne of them is an older man, who looks to be from ancient China. When I was brave enough to ask his hame, he said, "Master Fu".

The first time I encountered him consciously in this life was almost 6 years ago. I was receiving Reiki from a Reiki master and she reported seeing him. At the time my only thought was, "Uhh. Okay. Sounds cool." 

I didn't think about this experience again until 3 years later, sitting in a meditation, when I suddenly saw the face of an older Asian man. The energy of this encounter was what calm and truth feel like. 

I started cultivating this relationship by inviting him into my life. Thanking him for his presence and trying to remain open to what I was seeking to learn from him. It is my seeking that invited him to show up.

Our spirit guides are so wanting to help us. But you have to want it too, and open yourself to it. You'll probably be surprised what shows up.

Over the next several months he shared 5 teachings with me. I am still integrating them. 

Integration means accepting them as parts of myself. Feeling them experientially inside my body. Becoming them with a deep knowing an understanding that comes from experiencing them. We do this with emotions to heal them and we do this with knowledge to live it.

This is a necessary process to move knowledge from intellectual to actually a powerful force in your life and energy field. Knowledge doesn't change your life, the integration of it does. 

So far I found these teachings extremely simple, exactly what I needed, and wildly powerful for my awakening when I go deep with them. When I attempt to actually experience them.

Maybe Master Fu's teachings can help you too.

Master Fu's 5 Teachings

1) Be Humble in My Process

Life is a process. It is a process I have chosen driven by the highest intelligence in the Universe. This intelligence is inside me, yes. I AM this intelligence, yes. But until I realize this consciously, I am not consciously operating with this intelligence. Yet this intelligence is still operating. So my only choice with the conscious mind is to be humble. To at once acknowledge the majesty of which I am part, and accept that I don't fully see it yet. 

This seeing could happen at any time. My life is walking me toward this seeing and knowing. That is the process. My life is giving me the exact next perfect step walking me into the brilliant light of awakening.

Sometimes I can barely believe this, and that's where humility comes in. My level of consciousness is simply where it is. There is more "out there" and "in here" than I know right now.

Can I be humble enough to realize there is so much I have yet to remember about Who I Really Am and how the Universe works? Can I be humble enough to surrender to the Perfect Intelligence at work as I process?

2) Patience. It all Comes.

Nothing can stop the progression of the Universe. In time-space the only constant is change. Constant change. 

Nature accomplishes everything without any hurry. There is no rush. There is no force required in Life. Just let it happen. Let it unfold. Participate in it fully with thought, word, and action, knowing all will be accomplished. Everything you need will come. 

It is inevitable. There is no other possibility. The Perfect Intelligence is at work, always. 

I have found that actually letting myself feel the energy of patience makes "waiting" quite enjoyable. And when I get really present with my "waiting" I see that there is always something available "to do" in the moment. That's where the next lesson comes in...

3) Find the Harmony of the Moment.

Each moment is a beautiful symphony being played by Life. Do I wish to disturb the music? What is my chord in this moment that makes beautiful harmony with it? 

If life is a song, what is the note that comes my heart making a beautiful sound in harmony with this song? What is the note I want to sing in this song? 

Do I want to fight the song? Try to turn it off? Or do I want to play with it and make it sound good to me?

This requires me to be as present as possible every moment. In Presence is where our power is. And the most efficient use of my energy is to notice all of the Present moment, accept all of it, and play the note in my heart that makes the song more sweet to me. 

This harmonious action is the one that brings more love, peace, joy, and everything that I want. It comes from a feeling inside my body. I have to get very Present to feel it.

When I find it, I can do things I've been resisting, or procrastinating about with ease. I can find the action that feels like joy. I can find the Tao and the flow of life. I can be carried by the stream and it feels good.

4) Play with Time. 

Time is a construct in time-space we use to notice change and play the game of being human. So play with time itself. 

Send energy and love backward in time to all "previous" versions of yourself. Send energy and love forward in time to all "future" versions of yourself, connecting their knowledge into your Now. 

Since the only time that actually exists is Now, this practice acknowledges that, and collapses more of my power into the present moment. Simultaneously, this practices helps me in this moment to express Divinity in more directions. 

This idea has lots of fascinating implications about how we are creating. But I don't need to explain them. If you are interested to discover them then try this practice. It is through experience that true insights come.

5) Use Words as Creation.

Each word spoken is a broadcast to the Universe. It is a thought made manifest in sound, picking up energetic momentum and creating physical reality. 

Be conscious of this. Choose to use your words as the Divine, loving creative broadcast that you would love to share.

This helps me notice what I love about the moment. It helps keep me in gratitude and appreciation. And it also helps me notice more of what I would love to experience and speak about the world I would love to be in.

In each moment, if I must speak, I attempt to find the words that express love. 

Integrating Master Fu's 5 Teachings

These messages are simple. My brain almost ignored them at first with ideas like, "Yeah, of course. I know this. Duh." Fortunately I was humble enough to just accept them and try them.

As I began to attempt to actually experience these teachings something happened. My perspective on life began to shift. 

More calmness and trust came into my life. I learned more about the power of surrender. I actually had experiences of being fully supported by the Universe. I had actual experiences of feeling more love in my life, coming from my own creation. 

For me these lessons are so calming whenever I am in turmoil.

It helps me so much to remember that an intelligent process is happening. Instead of fighting and struggling I can let myself be humble and watch the intelligence happen. I can let myself know that everything will come in time. 

In the mean time, in the moment I am in now, let me be present enough to understand what is really here, and find my harmony with it in thought, word, and action. Let me play with what I feel, pulling my feelings into the Now. And let me speak to create the experience I truly want. 

Thank you, Master Fu. 

Love, David

26 April 2019